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Nick Haness and Banderas 2018-01-17T16:31:49+00:00
Laura Wasserman’s Boss 2018-01-17T16:32:29+00:00
Nick Haness and Banderas 2018-01-17T16:33:01+00:00
Laura Wasserman’s Boss ridden by John French 2018-01-17T16:33:39+00:00
Nick Haness and Banderas 2018-01-17T16:34:16+00:00
Laura Wasserman’s Boss 2018-01-17T16:34:51+00:00
Nick Haness and Banderas 2018-01-17T16:35:29+00:00
Chelsea Samuels and Adele 2018-01-17T16:36:05+00:00
Hunter Siebel and Pure Abundance 2018-01-17T16:36:39+00:00
Lily Blavin and Pringle 2018-01-17T16:37:30+00:00
Lily Blavin and Montague 2018-01-17T16:38:20+00:00
Chelsea Samuels and Adele 2018-01-17T16:39:11+00:00
Emma Gerber and Stay Tuned 2018-01-17T15:20:34+00:00
Joan Hasteltine and Biltmore 2018-01-17T15:21:15+00:00
Archie Cox and After Five 2018-01-17T15:23:39+00:00
Polly Sweeney and Duet 2018-01-17T15:24:11+00:00
Richard Boh and Rock Royalty 2018-01-17T15:24:43+00:00
Ashley Pryde and Truly 2018-01-17T15:25:23+00:00
Emma Gerber and Stay Tuned 2018-01-17T15:26:02+00:00
Laura Wasserman and Back in the Game 2018-01-17T15:26:34+00:00
Archie Cox and After Five 2018-01-17T15:27:08+00:00
Polly Sweeney and Duet 2018-01-17T15:27:42+00:00
Joan Hasteltine and Biltmore 2018-01-17T15:28:15+00:00
Emma Gerber and Stay Tuned 2018-01-17T15:28:47+00:00
Hannah Goodson-Cutt and Capone 2018-01-17T15:02:44+00:00
Hannah Goodson-Cutt and Granted 2018-01-17T15:03:15+00:00
Shelby Wakeman and Millie 2018-01-17T15:03:50+00:00
Grace Morton and Keep Dreamin 2018-02-16T15:44:07+00:00
Lucy Davis and Clockwork 2018-01-17T15:04:55+00:00
Delanie Stone and White Oak 2018-01-17T15:05:27+00:00
Virginia Fout and Classified 2018-01-17T15:06:04+00:00
John French and Pringle 2018-01-17T15:06:36+00:00
Archie Cox and White Oak 2018-01-17T15:07:11+00:00
Laura Ware and Parker 2018-01-17T15:07:50+00:00
Peter Lombardo and Mandarin 2018-01-17T15:08:26+00:00
Lucy Davis and Harmony 2018-01-17T15:08:58+00:00
John French and Andiamo 2018-01-16T15:31:24+00:00
Lucy Davis and Harmony 2018-01-16T15:33:33+00:00
Lucy Davis and Harmony 2018-01-16T15:34:14+00:00
John French and Overseas 2018-02-16T15:44:12+00:00
Peter Lombardo and Chance 2018-02-16T15:44:20+00:00
John French and Scout 2018-01-17T14:54:26+00:00
Annette Peterfy and Chance 2018-01-17T14:55:00+00:00
Laura Wasserman and Overseas 2018-01-17T14:55:40+00:00
Lucy Davis 2018-01-17T14:56:14+00:00
Laura Wasserman and Quality Time 2018-01-17T14:56:56+00:00
Lucy Davis and Harmony 2018-01-17T14:57:35+00:00
John French and Overseas 2018-01-17T14:58:14+00:00