Photos: Scottsdale 2018-01-23T15:56:11+00:00


Lily Blavin and Montague 2018-01-23T15:56:57+00:00
Lily Blavin and Sander 2018-01-23T15:57:40+00:00
Karin Binz and Walnut Creek 2018-01-23T15:58:18+00:00
Lily Blavin and Montague, Polly Sweeney and Duet 2018-01-23T15:59:19+00:00
Karin Binz and Walnut Creek 2018-01-23T15:59:51+00:00
Lily Blavin and Archie Cox with Montague and Sander 2018-01-23T16:00:34+00:00
Polly Sweeney and Duet 2018-01-23T16:01:10+00:00
Tina Dilandri and Wesley 2018-01-23T16:01:48+00:00
Jane Fraze and Mandarin 2018-01-23T16:02:26+00:00
Tina Dilandri and Pringle 2018-01-23T16:03:02+00:00
Archie Cox and Pringle 2018-01-23T16:03:35+00:00
Tina Dilandri and Truly 2018-01-23T16:04:09+00:00